Recommended Resources

This is where I will share and recommend resources I think my audience will value.

Performance Aids are user-centered multimedia tools for organizing processes and condensing critical information. Karen Caldwell, Ph.D. explains them in detail and provides several examples of the various forms that performance aids can take, and how they contribute to deeper learning and higher performance efficiency:

(Full citation: Caldwell, K., Ph.D. (2021, August 18). Performance Aids. Itchy Brain: Curiosity & Cradle to Grave Learning.


Learning to use the CER Framework (claim, evidence, reasoning) has strengthened my communication skills through the practice of avoiding unsupported, inarticulate claims. Also by Dr. Caldwell, this resource provides a wealth of examples of the power of CER to bolster the quality and credibility of your writing:

(Full citation: Caldwell, K., Ph.D. (2023, January 11). CER Framework. Itchy Brain: Curiosity & Cradle to Grave Learning.


The A.D.D.I.E. Framework is the foundation of my Instructional Design expertise, and I highly recommend an exploration of A.D.D.I.E. principles toward a deeper understanding of efficiency and accountability in ID:

(Full citation: ELM Learning. (2022 July 22). What is ADDIE? Your complete guide to the ADDIE model. eLearning Lab.