Electronic and Print Media

Throughout my career, my work has been acknowledged in public media both as a representative of arts organizations and as an individual artist/thinker.

Roundtable: For BIPOC Women

"We hand that power over because it was ripped from us so many times...and we have been socialized to give it at will. It's really powerful when we say, 'No.'" -Thembi Duncan

Feature: Body Language

"Duncan's workshop helps officers better understand that they are members of the same society they police." -Ret. Capt. Stephen Nichols

Review: Yellowman

"Thembi Duncan really got this play. She just got it, everything about it. And she cast it and shaped it with enormous empathy and purpose." -John Stoltenberg

Radio: Colorism in Yellowman

The Kojo Nnamdi Show welcomes the cast and director of Yellowman

Review: WTF Happened to Baby Sister?!!

"Thembi Duncan takes the source material and creatively re-invigorates it with layers of theatrical complexity and originality." -David Friscic

Flash: Girls Run the World

"What's most important to us is these girls walk away knowing they have a support system," said Thembi Duncan, director of arts engagement and education at Shea's Performing Arts Center.

Review: Disgraced

"With Duncan's invigorating, subversive touch, Disgraced aims directly for the brain of those of us who consider ourselves...above it all." -David Siegel

Blog: Women Playwrights of DC

"I consider myself a playwright who writes for actors. I write characters that I want actors to be excited about inhabiting."
-Thembi Duncan