Theatre-Based Body Language Training

Award-Winning Approach

I spent four years developing my unique, theatre-based approach to body language training with the Buffalo Police Department in Buffalo, NY, USA.

Reshaping Law Enforcement

It’s well-known that police can have complicated relationships with the communities they serve. With my unique, theatre-based approach, I help police use writing, role play, and improvisation to reshape how they engage with communities. Together, we work toward fostering safer communities where everyone feels respected and valued. At the core of my approach are four foundational pillars: building mutual trust, fostering empathy, mastering de-escalation, and enhancing cultural competence.

Mutual Trust

Officers will learn to use positive body language to reassure citizens during difficult interactions, building trust and allowing them to better serve their communities.


Learning the subtleties of body language can help officers empathize more, so they can better understand complex situations and provide improved service.


Officers will enhance their ability to read and understand body language, which can prevent unnecessary uses of force and keep communities safer.

Cultural Competence

Officers will develop cultural competence, which involves respecting people of all identities and backgrounds. This leads to greater understanding and stronger connections with the community.

Recognition and Impact

My innovative four-year partnership with the Buffalo Police Department garnered recognition from multiple news outlets in WNY, was featured in NYS and international press, and was awarded the 2021 Arts Services Inc. Spark Award for Arts Integration. I’ve also presented on this program at several state events, including the New York Women In Law Enforcement Conference.