Acting Writing Workshops

Creating Characters and Crafting Stories

As a teaching artist, I embrace the worlds of historical movements and visual artists to inspire actors and writers.

The art of storytelling

The art of acting is the ability to hold a mirror in front of life and reflect its unnoticed wonders. The actor is a griot – a storyteller as ancient as the first oral societies, always recounting, reflecting and preserving the history of humankind. The actor who develops their craft with passion and integrity has an opportunity to touch hearts, influence minds, and change lives.

The playwright builds an entire universe and challenges us to learn its rules and inhabit it with our own imaginings. I teach writing that is grounded in the disruption of an inequitable canon.

Acting for the Stage

Learn to convey emotions, create memorable characters, and bring scripts to life on the theatrical stage.

Acting: The History of Hip-Hop

Unlock the power of acting through the vibrant history of Hip-Hop. This workshop offers a dynamic and educational experience, helping you become a more expressive and dynamic actor through the lens of Hip-Hop's stories and key players.

Acting: Women in the Civil War

Step into the shoes of unsung heroines in this engaging workshop that explores the roles and stories of women during the Civil War.

Acting: Social Justice

Explore the intersection of theatre and activism, and discover how performance can drive conversations and promote social equity.

Playwriting: The Harlem Renaissance

Learn to create captivating narratives inspired by the incredible figures and events of Harlem, NY in the 1920's.

Playwriting: The Black Arts Movement

Discover your writing voice through the lens of the Black Arts Movement (1965-1975)

Playwriting: Remixing Classical Portraits

Take inspiration from the work of groundbreaking artist Kihende Wiley to reimagine contemporary figures into classical surroundings.

Playwriting: Exploring Women Playwrights in the American Canon

Use the works of women in the American canon as mentor texts for your own writing.

Selected acting roles

I performed as an actor for about 15 years before moving on to other methods of storytelling.

Download script samples

I’ve written two full-length plays and several tiny plays for various festivals. Download script samples here.

Mon Chaton

A Harlem Renaissance period piece about a woman with a secret

WTF Happened to Baby Sister?!

A theatre/drag show hybrid inspired by Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?


Two women meet in a D.C. nightclub


A daughter tries to connect to her dad through flag football


A Nigerian girl moves to the United States

Coop in the Yard

Two government workers find love amidst chaos.


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The Dracula Play

Dracula and his son have a difference of opinion

Syce 'Em

A group of elite soldiers receive orders to neutralize bammas all across D.C.

Don't Ask

It's 2065 and the United States Armed Forces are...different.