How to Create a Virtual Field Trip

All About Virtual Field Trips

What is a Virtual Field Trip?

A virtual field trip is a digital experience that lets you explore places or events through technology, like videos and interactive content, without being physically present.

Many cultural institutions around the world offer online tours of their facilities and digitized images of their collections or productions. There are so many ways to use these materials as part of a virtual field trip that makes learners feel as if they are visiting the site in real life!

Virtual field trips enrich learning experiences by expanding learners’ access to locations, sites, and institutions that may otherwise be impossible for the learner to visit in person.

Creating a virtual field trip offers you the opportunity to travel the world, visit the depths of the ocean, or blast off to outer space, all in one day. A virtual field trip is a one-of-a-kind learning experience based on a person, place, or idea.

How to Create a Virtual Field Trip in 7 Steps

Creating a virtual field trip is easy! Here are 7 steps to get you there:

Step 1: Choose a theme 

Step 2: Choose a goal

Step 3: Identify key locations or content

Step 4: Develop multimedia content

Step 5: Plan interactive components

Step 6: Craft a narrative

Step 7: Facilitate the virtual field trip

Digital Literacy and other Supports

Here’s a playlist of videos that will help you on your journey to creating a virtual field trip: