Teaching Artist

What is a teaching artist?

"A teaching artist is a practicing professional artist with the complementary skills, curiosities and habits of mind of an educator, who can effectively engage a wide range of people in learning experiences in, through, and about the arts.” -Eric Booth

My experience

My areas of teaching expertise are drama, oratory, and creative writing. I’ve taught students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade, incarcerated students, students with special needs, English language learners, adults — pretty much everyone. I also have several years of experience conducting professional development workshops and residencies for classroom teachers and teaching artists. Workshop offerings include Drama for Social Justice, Women in the Civil War, Langston Hughes & The Harlem Renaissance, and skill-based workshops such as Beginning and Advanced Acting, and Scene Study.

Much of my most rewarding and exciting work as a teaching artist has been during my service as Lead Teaching Artist at historic Ford’s Theatre. There, I was able to explore and share my interest in American history, while building long-term relationships with excellent teachers from across the United States.

Here are some of my favorite experiences as Lead Teaching Artist at Ford's Theatre:

Ford's Theatre Virtual Field Trip

This is one of my favorite projects at Ford's!
We recorded a Virtual Field Trip with Discovery Theatre Education, and we pre-recorded parts of it, but the part where I'm talking in the theater with Stephen Schmidt and Kyle Schutt -- that was live! Thousands of students from around the country were watching and tweeting at us. It was amazing!

Ford's Theatre: America's Playhouse

This is a trailer for an Ovation mini-doc on Ford's Theatre. I'm giving up historian vibes here, yes?

A Rap About Africa

I was engaged in an arts integration residency with Jeff Weary, a middle school teacher in Independence, MO. One of his students wrote a rap about various issues across the continent of Africa, but she didn't feel comfortable delivering the rap to her class.

Mr. Weary and I decided that I would write an intro and outro to her rap, record myself performing it, add some visuals, and post it all to YouTube so Mr. Weary could show it to the class. Here's what I did. Filmed by Paige Telesford