gangsta poetry

Gangsta Poetry

(written during the George W. Bush era)


I’m finna get gangsta and pop some hot lead in ya ear

maybe then the signal will come in mo clear

cause it’s easy to ignore the heat

till your ASS is on fire


now we done voted Pinky & the Brain into the white house


and gave them gangsta fools another reason to win

cause they can see

that as long as we getting two or three


we stay numb & dumb

blind to their gangsta grind


& believe you/me

they put a lot of work behind the smirk on that jerk

he ain’t nearly as stupid as you think

I seen him wink

at Condi while her arm be

reachin’ for the button to put us on a

hunger strike like Gandhi


Cheney just shifted into third

& we still ain’t said a word

bout how he got us barreling toward hell in a


8000 horsepower

leather-interiored handbasket that seats 88

and gets 12 miles to the

5 dollar and 52 cent gallon


Cause we busy worrying about

Angelina, Brad & Britney

Halle, Bobby & Whitney

Lil’ Kim, MJ & Fitty

Martha Stewart, P Diddy


all these people who don’t even matter

we sitting in front of our tv’s getting fatter and fatter

and fatter


eating Sausage McCancer Cakes with a side of heart attack fries

watching t&a videos and ignoring our children’s twisted cries

for attention – they just got gansta and went to have their own babies – maybe then somebody’ll listen.


Cause we’re headin’ for armageddon

lazy, paranoid and ignorant sheep

following the boy king to eternal sleep

unless we wake up

and take up arms

not guns – well, maybe one


but I’m not talking about gangsta flicks with guns blastin

i’m talking about gangsta fastin

clearing your mind of the social debris

turning of the damn tv

thinking critically


teaching your children what they missed in school

and not letting organized religion make you a bigoted, self-righteous fool

not buying a bigger house every time you get a raise

what about building wealth to give our grandchildren better days


I’m talking bout holding them accountable for their gangsta acts &

making them pay for their gangsta stats

they took all our freedoms

we takin’ em back


If we gonna beat these gangstas at their gangsta game

we gotta break loose from these mental chains

otherwise, it’s just more of the same







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