The art of acting is the ability to hold a mirror in front of life and reflect its nuanced wonders without judgment. -TD



With Erika Rose Crowley in Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (Imagination Stage)

The actor is a griot – a storyteller as ancient as the first oral societies…recounting, reflecting and preserving the history of humankind. I have taken great pride in the craft of stage performance, which has given me multiple opportunities to touch hearts, influence minds, and change lives.

My stylistic approach is the mining of personal experiences and convictions in order to channel the soul of a given character and tell their story with truth and integrity.

After a big fight in Love and Anger (Round House Theatre)

Renowned actress/author Uta Hagen once said, “We must overcome the notion that we must be regular… it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre.” In that regard, I have been adamant about choosing a variety of roles. I’ve gravitated toward characters who are challenging and provocative…I’ve sought to portray people with great conviction and personality.

I constantly challenge myself and mine every corner of my psyche to portray diverse characters that include a little urchin boy in Daniel Du Plantis’s Gris Gris, a wronged queen in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, and a rough-edged slaughterhouse worker in Naomi Wallace’s Slaughter City.

With Jennifer Mendenhall in Slaughter City (Theatre Alliance)

It is my belief that one must always approach the interpretation of a character without judgment. Each character has a rationale for their behavior; the actor must find it and lend it their consideration, regardless of its alignment with their own beliefs.

The truth of any character lies in his or her motivation, and there is no room for judgment or hesitation; each character’s voice deserves to be considered, and each deserves to exist.

Theatre is a collaborative event between observer and performer. It is the actor’s responsibility to allow the observer to draw his or her own conclusions, for if the actor makes the judgments in advance, what work is left for the watcher?


Yet, the stringent constraints of the “craft,” do not always have to be so specific. Actors should always be ready to have fun, yes?


With Felicia Curry (and other great actors) in a very fun Mattress Discounters commercial.